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Groovy Music Inc. has recently obtained the entire collection of master tapes from SAMBO RECORDING Studios 9912 Taylorsville Road in Louisville, Kentucky. This was made possible with the cooperation of the former owners. Over the many years so many artists recorded at SAMBO . Groovy Music Inc. ( Marvin Maxwell & Walker ED Amick) want to preserve the history of the studio, the musicians and the music. Louisville was way ahead of the curve when it came to recording and so called local bands.

NRBQ, Rugbys, Exile, Lonnie Mack and so many more recorded there. Now for the first time the tapes are being transferred to digital format to preserve history.

Groovy Music Inc. discovered that Louisville was and is a happening musical scene, not just locally but nationally and internationally. The first three releases of the Louisville Music Series sold well overseas and there is a demand for more of the famed music from SAMBO RECORDING STUDIOS. These aren’t your so called “garage bands” these are professional artists recorded professionally, many of which made an impact on music thru charts, radio, TV and more.

Bands like the Trendells, the Carnations, and Elysian Field -- which have an album released in conjunction with the Soul, Inc.


The master recordings have been saved by Allen and Martin, who own Allen-Martin Video Production. Thirty-five years ago they operated Sambo Recording Studios on Taylorsville Road. They recorded the early NRBQ incarnation, the Mersey Beats.

Interestingly enough, the quality of these independent recordings (issued on such labels as Rondo, Boss and Star) not only sounds sonically superior to much of the major label rock released at the time, but even caused more than one observer to remark that some of the tracks sound as if they were cut as late as the 1980s, which is not the case. Soul, Inc. was just a rare example of a band that was truly ahead of its time.


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